Scott Elowitz, Photographer  

I have been around photography all my life. My parents were professional photographers. Our house had a large studio and in the basement, a full darkroom. When I was 14 yeas old, I started assisting them as a second light for weddings and bar-mitzvahs.

After graduating college, I started a software company and, a few years later, a financial transaction processing company. Being the owner of two successful businesses has afforded me the opportunity to do a fair amount of leisure travel with a focus on nature and wildlife - more specifically, whales and birds.


In 1995 my wife, Cyndi (girlfriend at the time), got us scuba lessons and we were soon certified divers. We started traveling around to beautiful locations to dive and observe and enjoy nature. It wasn’t long after becoming a certified diver that I wanted a way to catalog and share my experiences, so I took up underwater videography and nature photography.

My underwater video footage has appeared on the Discovery Channel and Travel Channel. My photographs have appeared in various magazines, guides, newspapers and advertisements. I am a regular contributor to Wildbird magazine and have had a cover for the ABA magazine North American Birds as well as several covers on New Jersey Birds and New Jersey Audubon Magazine. My photographs also appear in the Shorebird Guide by Michael O’Brien, Richard Crossley, and Kevin Karlson.

~Scott J. Elowitz

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